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Well, here I’m at the TEL conference and I’m trying to think up some activity for distance and on-line learning but I can’t figure out what … I have no activity whatsoever to think about …. right now looking at Martin Weller’s presentation on edupunk but that certainly ain’t giving me any ideas. My brain is dead when it comes to these things – I’m hoping that I would suddenly hit on something.

I think I have to hit on something I like – and we all know what I really like at the moment – and it is the DS – now if I only can think of an activity surrounding the DS which has a lot of web 2.0 stuff in it and which makes it fun. I mean the DS has the cool wi-fi thing in which you can do pictochat and play games with people … that’s quite fun. Using the opera browser is quite fun as well …

Just saw that Martin Weller put some stuff on slideshare etc … I wonder if the opera browser on the DS actually does slide share? Because it is not very good with the flash thing …

How about an OU game? Now what kind of OU game can you do on a DS that is fun and requires a bit of wi-fi? Well, we got the DSTT cards in which we can create an OU game … now what game? It’s got to be a sharing game in which people connect up to the wi-fi … but what makes it different from a PDA – I think it is the game sharing ….

Huh? Still have no idea what game! A game where people look around and talk to each other as they find out about the OU courses (boring!)- it got to be some learning goal or something … how about we shoot some people and by doing so we get some points for our course ….

ok … something with a DS … no idea … creating a story – creative story making …. collaboration via the DS using the wi-fi, but with the use of objects … or having a discussion. Something with having more objects being used as part of creating a story, but a pictorial movie? Pictorial discussion … But what is so different from a PDA? We need to use it as a game … critical reading? Can’t figure a collaborative game with the DS … I mean the cool thing about the collaborative Zelda game is that you do a sudden death game – how can you translate the killing into a learning environment!

I think the cool thing about a DS is a microphone and a earphones … what about using that … oh well got to make something up now …. because got 5 mins to go ….

So, quickly going to describe activity:

A DS game is created where students connect with their DS via the wi-fi internet and connect to each other … through this game they connect up and talk to each other through picto-chat for discussing something … battery almost dead

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