I just may have a theoretical framework!

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Well, I’m back from holiday and my one week bout with dengue fever (not pleasant!) – still feeling a bit lethargic from it (energy levels are really low). Anywho, just had a meeting with Doug and it has cleared up some stuff I was wrestling on. I was trying to figure out how to explain my qualitative data and I was heading to nowhere land fast because I was already digging up work in the affordance literature and stuff to do with Krutetskii (with gifted students) – which come to think about it I can still use but more on why I can on that later.

Well, Doug said I should forget about trying to look for a new theoretical framework and just go back to something that I was familiar with and suggested using the deep and surface approach and once he said it just made complete sense – that was definitely something I could use in the explanations of what was going on.  And so, had to check and see what I could find on confidence and deep and surface approach because I think that is the key in analysing most of my data even those in the quantitative analysis. Thankfully, there is something. The RASI questionnaire has a scale for academic self-confidence and Duff (2004) have found that students’ academic self-confidence was related to a deep-approach – now this is good news because noted that students who had high maths confidence were using more of a deep-approach – well, not statistically speaking with respect to the ASI, but some of the high maths confidence students were using a more deep-approach.

Not quite certain how it might fit in with the boxes but Doug suggested that perhaps one will suspect with the open-box and glass-box, students with a deep approach may delve further in trying to understand what is going on, but also perhaps this is only limited to the procedural part, perhaps in the constructive parts students with the deep approach in all three boxes may approach it similarly or be hampered (??) – I have no idea what I’m saying now – I think I’m just bluffing 🙂 .

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