Figuring out Chapter 6

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I’m just feeling really lazy at the moment. In order to jump-start my Chapter 6, I thought I should write my thoughts here and do some planning around what I should write. Ok, well when I finished Chapter 5, there were somethings that I decided to look at, so guess that’s what I’ll be doing in Chapter 6.

High Scores in Problems

Well, the first thing I have to look at is why students did so well in Problem 2 regardless of what software they used and maths’ confidence. So, how am I going to illustrate this? Well, since maths’ confidence seems to influence the scores, need to look at students with high and low maths’ confidence with similar scores in Problem 2.

For Problem 1, the range was from 1 to 3 for the  low confident group whilst it was 1 to 5 for the high confident group and it seemed, perhaps it might be best to compare two students in both groups who had the highest scores (No. 33 – OB, and No. 9 – BB). I’m just wondering if comparing with different boxes is going to make a huge difference. I think also worthwhile to see what those with the low scores are doing (No. 6 – BB and No. 39 – GB).

For Problem 2, I could compare No. 33 (OB) with No. 9 (BB) which has low and high maths confidence respectively. I could also compare No. 16 (GB) and No. 6 (BB) for the lower score but comparison high and low maths confidence respectively.

For Problem 3, I could compare No. 39 – GB (again although not the lowest – I would have use him before) against No. 6 – BB (again!) for the low scores in the high and low confidence group. As for the students scoring the highest scores I can compare No. 9 (BB – again!) and No. 22 (GB).

Boxes and Difference in Scores between scores

Further, I need to compare the small difference in BB, GB and OB for the interpretive and constructive tasks for all problems. But I also have to remember, that this was mediated by maths confidence … So, looking at low maths confidence I can again compare No. 6 (BB) with low difference and No. 33 (OB) with high difference. When it comes to high confidence, I can compare No. 9 (BB) with No. 16 (GB). I’m just reusing people – to have less transcripts although there scores are not the largest, but quite close to the largest – and also some students with the largest I’m missing their audio data.

You know what, this is getting confusing – I’ve just looked a the bit I did for writing the exploration when I did my ICME paper, and it was more a summarizing and then illustration. I think I’m going to do that instead, and as I need, I’ll pull in the illustrative data.

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