Pilot Study Should Be Going Ahead

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Topic: Data Collection
Well … got my software licence on Monday but didn’t get the activation keys till yesterday – although haven’t tried it out as yet – but hopefully it works out 😀 … got to try it soon.

Had to return the laptop since the loan finished yesterday – although I could have renewed it but since I’m using Andreas’ computer didn’t think I needed it …

I got a free activation key for the vemotion as well since I told them I needed two copies … and they were kind enough to do that for me.

I also sent out the email to my participants (only four of them – got to go find 2 others!) and they said they’ll be willing to do it, so got to set up some times and dates to do it.

Yesterday got my email survey account set up by Adam J. and Gill gave me the templates this morning – so was able to create the demographics questionnaire this morning – I’ve tested it and it seems to be working. So, things are looking alright at this point.

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