Feedback from Chapter 1 Draft

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Topic: Thesis writing
Well, sent off the first draft of the chapter 1 (which I have to admit wasn’t that great :D) – it was just about 2000 words. Anyway, John sent back some critical feedback and for some reason I started feeling defensive about my work rather than welcoming the critical feedback. So, I’m trying to understand why I’m feeling like that. I think perhaps I knew it wasn’t up to par and I think him giving critical feedback just confirmed that my work wasn’t so great but I didn’t want to admit it to myself and that I wanted to be given encouragement instead. But one can’t give encouragement over not good work, so, got to accept the comments and move on, and try to be more positive towards it.

I think in general I’m just scared at the moment, because I have to start my main study and I still have no idea what I’m doing for it or what exactly I’m looking at and James and Doug will be asking me about it again this afternoon and I would be drawing a blank. I have no ideas. Well, I do have some brief ideas, I’m still thinking about what I’ll be looking in the software. I need to still typify what are glass-box, black-box and open-box software in terms of linear programming. Even from my remote observation study I’m not sure how much useful data I can get – especially with people not doing the problems using the software but going back to pen/paper, so, that type of experimental form won’t work, because I can’t compare between software if people decide to use pen/paper, because it won’t be the same things I’ll be comparing! So, I’m not sure what I do in that aspect … this is getting me scared and confused more by the minute – but better find these things out now!

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