Some good news and bad news about the ASI questionnaire

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Well .. some good news – three of the lecturers from the UK survey wrote me back indicating they will be willing to forward a URL link to the ASI to their students. So, that was great news – however, when I contacted Donna found out that she will be away for next week, and Nick said it couldn’t be done since the Survey Office has a lot of work to be done at the moment. So, he said it can be done the following week. Now, that ain’t too bad … but I sort of jumped the gun and replied the lecturers saying I’ll see if the survey office can do it by the end of next week :D. So, I’m in a bit of hot water … me and my big mouth! Why could I not wait for Donna’s reply – I think it was because I wanted to reply the emails before a hour had passed by … why you may ask? I have no clue!

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