Informal meeting about Lit Review

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So, had a meeting with James this morning in the refectory – supposingly about my lit review. But we never really got to around to it properly. I knew it was bad – and I told him so – and he says he thinks that I knew where I did badly. And that is the truth I do know. But he suggested I speak to John in relation to ATI and ASI with respect to disciplines to help focus my arguments better.

As for the data analysis of the data I’m collected – we are not entirely sure how to go about that – we reckon for the ATI and ASI (if I do get that off) – we’ll just follow the analysis method of John – i.e. factor analysis since he obviously knows what he is doing. I explained to James that I am not so confident with factor analysis, and he suggested that I have a talk with John about that too and invite him along to the meeting – since it will be good for him to learn about that too. So, that should be good – if I can get a hold of John.

James also suggested looking at intermediate steps in CAS particularly in calculus such as differential equations, integrals etc. and numerical solutions. He said he would try and get some papers and direct them to me. We’ll see how that goes. Also, mention that there might be different types of black boxes – not certain what that is – but got to find that out too.

I was telling James that I’ve not given a reason why I have chosen linear programming – and I say probably one of the strongest reasons is that because it is taught in different disciplines. Then, James brought up an interesting point – why will one want to study different disciplines? There must be a reason – are there different ways of learning in different disciplines or do students learn the same way no matter what discipline they are in??? These are somethings quite interesting. Or are teaching very different in disciplines?? Now, this can be the impetus for checking the ATIs for the different disciplines. So, got to find lit for that to see if my hypothesis is right :).

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