Cannot send off my ASI questionnaire

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Topic: Questionnaire

Well, I’ve been stupid and careless!!! I should have sent out the ASI questionnaire email, everyone has their students in the exam period now – or they have stopped teaching them … uh … I feel like crying at the moment … I’m wondering if the Australian, New Zealand or USA sample might be the same way – I’m thinking of sending it to them. Got to check the term times for these countries. Give me a sec.

Well, the US has a summer term – I guess that is summer school – I can try that out – I see for Australia in one university there is exams in mid-June – so if I can get that in.

James told me to write early – but I didn’t listen – I feel terrible – this research is going from good to bad. I mean I still have the ATI and the linear programming part of the questionnaire to analyse – but still!

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