Software for pilot study

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Topic: Methodology
I am getting a bit anxious about my vemotion software that IET supposedly ordered but can’t seem to get a hold of the licence as yet since it is with paypal … its been 3 weeks since they ordered it but although been asking Fil about it, there hasn’t been anything positive feedback as yet.

On the plus side, Jonathan has showed me a software called Netviewer which seems quite promising for remote observation. Jonathan is actually going to be using Netviewer for remote observation in the same way I am going to do it, and he suggested we can write something up later on the differences we’ve found. It says it has high security so wondering if it will be easier to use behind the OU’s firewall than the Windows messenger. It also has a VoIP but not sure if I can record this VoIP with vemotion … will have to check it out with Jonathan, once I get the software.

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