Thesis (… I know a bit early!)

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Topic: Thesis writing
So, after getting duly scared from Jonathan telling me I should start writing early … that is what I’m doing. I’ve decided to write a few lines everyday for my Chapter 1 – I’m hoping this way my dislike for writing won’t culminate.

Did the first paragraph today, and it is looking good (not the writing) – but the writing process itself … it is helping me to think what I might want to get done, which I think is a good idea since I really unsure of what I’m doing … I guess this is what will be called an impasse (I’ve been reading Jones and Fleischman :D).

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  1. Monday, 30 October 2006 – 4:58 PM GMT

    Name: “Rebecca”

    Hi Anesa, This is what my supervisors are encouraging me to do – write some stuff and bank it. They reckon some sections – eg ethics – can be written now and then they’re done and dusted and that’s a few hundred words of the thesis done.

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