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Topic: Methodology
So, I’ve been reading a number of papers by Atkinson and Renkl and by Sweller on cognitive learning and fading steps etc. I’m still wondering if these fading steps is not exactly what I wanted to do, and that my research has already been done. What I noted that was interested about this research is that they sort of assumed people didn’t know their problems and then taught it to them (but then again they had their students as guinea pigs!) – and used a pretest as a covariate when they were doing their analysis – which I think that might be a good idea.

Something else is that, they’re not using traditional mathematics software, but rather constructing their problems (although they did use CASCADE for the fading problems) – so, it is not learning with software but learning in general. So, maybe I can extend this to learning with software. What’s interesting also, that the steps are not random but rather sequential – wondering if that’ll make a difference

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