Probation Proposal again :D

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So, have a supervisory meeting this afternoon – don’t think I’m going to have much favorable comments on it – it was bit of a rushed job. I’m still hoping it would come together – but it is taking forever to gel in my head exactly what I’m doing – but I think with each of the patchy jobs I keep doing it seems to get better and better … not great as yet. I’m still not sure about my rationale and purpose and whether the literature review is critical enough and helps support my argument. I think one of my problems is that I loathe to drop out any of my literature since I spent so much time writing it up … but I think I have to make the decision and drop the unnecessary bits that are no adding to my argument but still uncertain what my argument is at the moment – I think perhaps that is why it is so patchy.

Let’s see if I can identify my argument clearly here. I think my argument is although there have been studies into how students learn with mathematical software, there hasn’t been much work done on how students learn with black-box and white-box software. Right got that. So, that is one part of the argument. The other part is that the belief that how students learn with software differ between disciplines. Yeah that is one other thing. I think I further want to establish that the use of a software in the learning and teaching process may also vary between the disciplines. And that some software may be used in a white-box or black-box manner.

So, probably I think I want to establish how is software used in the teaching and learning linear programming, that is, how it is transformed into a learning tool in the different disciplines … yeah something like that – and what this transformation entails (i.e. going from black-box to white-box etc – any exploration). Also, whether this transformation impacts on the learning of the student.

My problem how are you going to see the transformation of these learning tools as it is by remote observation and only one student? Would I have to take into account the collaborative aspect? I’m not quite sure what kind of data I will get to see this data – what is the transformation going to be shown? Getting more confused by the minute.

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