Probation Proposal

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Topic: Methodology

Well, had a meeting with Doug yesterday about my probation report and it went surprisingly much better than I expected. But he did say my methodology was a bit thin. I need to improve that and decide my sample size etc.

Well what I did say was that I wanted to have some students and give them some tasks and interview some students … but not sure how that would actually occur … 🙂

However, I did say I had three pilot studies … the 1st hopefully would be sent out next week if I can get one of the courses to agree with me to send of the questionnaire!!! I have no idea about numbers … was thinking if I can get about 10-20 students to test each of the second pilot I might have something there. Well, got to think about tomorrow – just realise I have to send a place holder abstract for the CALRG conference!


  1. Tuesday, 5 September 2006 – 12:13 PM BST

    Name: “Peter Galbraith”

    Hello D,

    I am in Saudi Arabia on my way to London, and came across this while googling for a reference to a paper written with Pat Cretchley of interest to someone here. Obviously we share a common interest. I’ll only be in the UK for a short time, but it might be possible to meet for a chat if circumstances allow, and you think it would be useful. While on the run I’m using a gmail address and don’t have the papers you were looking for with me. However Merrilyn Goos will have most or all of them on her computer (certainly the MERJ one) and would be delighted to email copies to you. (

    Good luck with the thesis and best wishes,


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