Grouping of research questions

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Topic: Research questions

So, had my supervisory session on Monday with James and Doug and it seems that the research questions that I developed weren’t so good and I’ve got to get them prepared by next week.

They suggested that I group the research questions into headings but not sure how I’m going to do that and what that will solve but hopefully it might give me some fresh ideas!

Also James suggested that I look at the methodologies that I might use since these might feed into what my research question might be – because need to also decide my preliminary methodology by next week.

Further, I need to think about what kind of theoretical approach I will be taking since this will determine how I analyse my data. The only two theoretical approaches that I do know is the cognitive and situative and I was hoping to unified them as Anderson et al suggested, because I don’t think I can be partial to one, because I think learning is social as well as mind thing.

Then I have to think about my definition of learning, Gill, I think, was saying her definition of learning was once someone knows something more than what they started out with (or something to that effect) – sure it is a good definition but not sure how well one can operationalize it 🙂 i.e. measure that.

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