Met with James in the corridor

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So, just met James in the corridor and we were discussing the BSRLM conference and I told him although it was ok, I didn’t think it was that useful. He suggested that sometime in future I should make a trip down to Bristol, since they are doing some interesting things there albeit all in schools!

Anyway, he said it will be good to dip into looking at conversation analysis (I told him I thought it looked hard 🙂 ) – but he said I should still look at it, particularly look at Diane Laurillard book since she speaks about a framework for comparing software uses in difference disciplines (at least I think so) and if that gets more interesting to look at the work of the original developer Harvey Sacks.

So, will have to do that .. thought Gill had the book but couldn’t find it on her shelf so may have to get it from the library.


  1. Thursday, 24 November 2005 – 2:11 PM GMT

    Name: Rebecca

    I’ve got the Laurillard – it’s on my shelf in the U800 cardboard box thingy

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