My U500 presentation

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Well had my U500 seminar presentation on last week Wednesday gone about my research. I had a lot of practice so it went pretty well. I did a brief introduction into linear programming, then my research questions, the methodology and my current activities. So, that went great.

James was unable to make it – but Doug and John were there. Doug said it went good – was proud to be my supervisor – so that gave my ego a bit of a boost. Nordin told Ritchie that my presentation was excellent – one of the best he heard – don’t care if he was lying and telling it to my brother :D. Taking whatever compliment I get in my way. Usually, I fall flat on my face with presentations – but this one went well – I thought it was a bit blah whilst I was up there – but oh well.

James said he had heard some positive feedback … and let me quote him

“They were impressed by how you worked hard to make the topic come alive for people who don’t know about LP.”

So, going to end there on that happy note 😀 – never mind I’ve taught LP 2 years and it was my job to make it seem understandable to engineering students who couldn’t care less about math :)!

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