Remote Observation – seems to be working

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Topic: Methodology
Well, I’ve tried the remote observation again behind the firewall (on the LAN) and it seems to be working there … interesting … tried it there yesterday and today – and I don’t know why – but it is working – hoping it is not a server glitch and it comes all crashing down :).

However, it works on Windows Live Messenger – I think! Well, I can get webcam in – but can’t get webcam out … well that was yesterday – not sure about today.

But everything works perfectly on Skype!! So, that’s great I can use that but it is not so ubiquitous as Messenger … so got to test back messenger to see what happens. Although, I kind of like Skype’s application sharing thing a lot more

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  1. Friday, 22 June 2007 – 2:14 PM BST

    Name: “Georgann Watson”

    Hi, I found your research journal online when googling for how to write a research journal….can you share some details?

    What are you studying?

    Who is the journal for?

    What is your purpose for keeping the journal.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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