CAL ’07 abstract

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I churned out an abstract for the CAL ’07 conference – but not quite sure how good it is, sent it oft to James, Doug and John – so, far got a response from John – who said it looks alright – once it is tidied up.

At first didn’t know what to submit, James and I have been contemplating it for awhile, but we couldn’t find where exactly to put in the abstract since the abstracts calls for debating the use of CAL ’07 (Title: Development, disruption and debate), and couldn’t figure out how my present research fit into the themes (ICT & Learning – So what?, New directions, creative expression and learning, ICT for development) – as there seem to be more in the format of making an argument or debate that technology can have a disruptive effect.

However, what is quite surprising is that when I registered with the website, there outline for the abstract doesn’t seem to imply there should be debate but rather present information from a study, as they suggest that it should have an introduction, methods, results and discussion.

Now I didn’t read that before I put together my abstract (only saw it when I clicked the submit an abstract link which then ask you to register and then you get that information!), so don’t have a results and discussion. Now, there is a very good reason why I don’t have a results and discussion as yet – its because James suggested I write up my remote-observation study for it – and since that haven’t quite started – I don’t have any results and discussion – I guess I could probably pad a bit and say what my expected results and discussions might be (have a feeling that won’t get me into the door – but could try). Ann thought that it might be a good opportunity to submit an abstract to such a conference – since some of the proceedings will be journal published – so why not give it

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