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Invited to meet Lord Putnam – but can’t go!!!

I just got an email from Brenda Gourley our Chancellor inviting me to meet Lord Putnam, our Chancellor … and bless my luck … I can’t make it. Only three students were invited!

Darn it! Darn it! Darn it!. It’s because I’ve got to be home for my grandmother’s memorial service unfortunately …..

Oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles … this month has not been good … 1st Oct … grandmother passes away …. yesterday, got turned down for a job I wanted (don’t we always want it!) … today, chance to actually come within brushing distance of the peerage … can’t do it ….

Can’t wait for November to start … it could only get better from now … come to think about it … Octobers have never been really kind to me … although it was when I did my data collection – so, maybe they’re still kind – but data collection was quite gruelling!

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Problems with tall people in open-plan

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Thought this is something we might want to think about when we move to the open-plan in Jennie Lee Building … 🙂 … get those tape measures out!


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