Call For Chapter Contributions: Leadership in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

The Short Information

Following our successful book on Academics’ International Teaching Journeys: Personal Narratives of Transitions in Higher Education, Namrata Rao and myself (Anesa Hosein) are putting together a proposal for a new book that also utilises personal narratives.

This book has a proposed title of “Leadership in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Narratives of Academics’ Personal Journeys”.  We are looking for chapter contributions from across the world and initially, we would need an outline of your chapter by Monday, 5th August 2019 submitted via this link:

The Full Information

Proposed title of the book:

Leadership in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Narratives of Academics’ Personal Journeys


Whilst the path traversed by those seeking research leadership are well-defined and recognized, journey to leadership in learning and teaching (L&T) is often not widely discussed and/or recognized. The indicators of what might count as L&T leadership are very vague and how might individuals become leaders in L&T is not widely understood.

This edited book aims to bring together personal narratives of leadership journeys of academics working at various levels within higher education (either in universities or further education colleges). With an increased emphasis on L&T in higher education globally, the narratives will provide an insight into the contemporary challenges and issues faced by those academics seeking to focus on leadership in L&T. Although the academics contributing the narratives work in different national contexts, we anticipate taken together the first-hand authentic personal accounts of their leadership journeys will highlight commonalities and differences in their experiences. In particular, this edited volume intends:

  • To inspire other academics to consider leadership in learning and teaching as a valid academic recognition to strive for, in-spite of the counter-narratives widely prevalent against pedagogic expertise and pedagogic research.
  • To contribute to our collective understanding of leadership in L&T in the contemporary higher education context.

To ensure our selection of contributors does not pre-suppose what a leader in L&T is and constrain/limit how leadership in L&T is conceived, we are inviting chapter contributions from individuals who self-identify as (emerging or established) leaders in L&T. We anticipate that the chapter contributions will present first-hand, authentic and personal accounts of:

  • The challenges/issues faced in your L&T leadership journeys in HE.
  • The strategies and strengths you developed to overcome the challenges
  • Any theoretical frameworks/ ideologies that you could use to explain or inform your journey and current L&T leadership practices.
  • Any other issues that might be relevant to shaping your L&T leadership practice such educational/cultural systems; other contextual factors, such as discipline, country context, etc.

We welcome contributions from a variety of disciplinary contexts and also from regions that are less represented in the leadership literature such as from Africa, South America and Asia.


If you are interested in submitting a book chapter proposal, please submit the following latest by Monday, 5th August 2019.

  • A maximum of 500 words outline of your chapter (excluding references).
  • A 100-word biography.

Please submit your chapter proposal using the following Google form

The outcome of your submission will be communicated on Monday, 30th September 2019.


Other details:

We anticipate that if the proposal is accepted the final chapter’s submission will be due in/around September 2020.

The chapters will be approximately 5000 words long including references.

For further details on the style of writing, we would request contributors to adopt you may like to refer to the chapters in from our recently published book,

Hosein, A., Rao, N., Shu-Hua Yeh, C. and Kinchin, I. (eds.) (2018) Academics’ International Teaching Journeys: Personal Narratives of Transitions in Higher Education. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

If you would like to discuss your chapter proposals prior to submission please contact the editors.

Potential publisher: Bloomsbury Publications


Dr Namrata Rao, Liverpool Hope University  (Email:

Dr Anesa Hosein, University of Surrey (Email:


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