Well, there are number of things I need to get done – and it is stressing out. There is a book chapter that I’m currently writing on longitudinal surveys in higher education which looks to be great I think – but need to get cracking on it as it is due at the end of February!

I’ve tried to address all the comments that Paul E. has made on a paper of mine, I just need to get some space in my schedule to spend an afternoon to submit it – it looks at how students’ maths GCSE grades affect their evaluation of their mark on a maths test. I would ideally like to do this before the end of this week!

I also need to get cracking on a HEA grant on a literature review of current research methods assessment practice – but first need to get a research assistant but we should be able to do that.

And finally I need to pack-up my office for my move down to Surrey … I think I can do it between my lectures and supervision 🙂 – well, I have to!

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