I’m a bit excited about the new courses I would be teaching. Just discovered there are personal response system (clickers) available – I just want to find some way of incorporating this into the class … of course, this should be teaching led not technology led (*tongue in cheek*).

Also, there are some flip cameras available – just need to find out how I can use them in some course. I’m sure I can find a way such as participatory videos … I’m thinking probably on the GC course – wondering if P.B. would let me tinker with it šŸ˜€ – probably not since it has to be the sameĀ for all presentations as well – or the PP course but haven’t met L. as yet to see how on board she would be with the use of technology.

But some how or the other, I’m going to get the technology in. P.H. has already recruited me to use blogs on the EP course – yes, I’ll get somewhere!

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