NetGen website

I have to work on the outline of the NetGen website and decide what each section would contain. Thought I would brainstorm it over here. I already did some brainstorming when I submitted the proposal to the AACS people (bureaucracy is rampant at the OU!). Anyway, we’ve been alloted a URL although not live as yet – but this is what it will be:

Anyway, onto deciding the outline (it is necessary to decide the outline first as the APS system being used at the OU – is not very flexible and if you get it wrong – it’s massive amounts of work to get the outline correctly!). What I could do – is do it in Dreamweaver first and then copy and paste how I want it – but still need to do the outline anyhow.

  • Net Generation: Welcome page to the Net Generation project – not sure what to include as yet!
  • About Project (upper level headings cannot have any text because of the APS)
    • Background to Project: Pretty much background to it – being an ESRC project, the aims and objectives, the timelines
  • Highlights from the project: Video clips, transcripts etc.
  • People on the Project: Just a list of the different people on the project and short bios
  • Publications: a list of publications and presentations which are directed back to oro
  • Future Events: Future things happening at Net Gen, going to conferences, publishing books ?
  • Net Gen around the world: Twitter feeds from other NetGen people, other relevant projects

Ok, that pretty much seems like the website outline I can deal with – I definitely should make it in Dreamweaver and then copy and paste into APS (can’t import into APS …!!!)

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