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James told me I had to build on my previous Chapter 1 on why intermediate steps was such an important thing to study. Now, that stumped me as I thought I put forth everything there was about why I should study intermediate steps in chapter 1!!! So, now I’m racking my brains to figure what to say for that section.

So, here goes what I think I should include:

  • Drijvers have found that students using black-box wanted to see things that were happening in the white-box as well which may indicate that students do not feel satisfy doing something unless they know what is happening. I believe Heid speaks of this as well … and from my pilot studies some students said the same thing … so, that is reason 1! – but this may be influenced by the confidence of the students I think.
  • Star, Kadejevich etc. have said there is a link of procedural to conceptual therefore the software which shows the procedural part should help in the development of conceptual knowledge – but as found possibly not in the constructive problems
  • All the studies that have been done has indicated that CAS which is a black-box allows students to explore and have less cognitive load since that is taken away from them, if they are loaded with the same extraneous information does it make an effect on them, is it the process of automation that helps or is it not having the extraneous information
  • And lastly I probably could pull from Renkl’s work on using CASCADE which faded out steps – but that seems a bit lame … to use in this context – so think I would eliminate that

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