Data Collection – More Worries!

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I’ve been trying to transcribe my data and also synchronize my videos. I find it easiest to synchronize my videos with audio using Dubit and inputting the wav file. Although got to use Audacity to convert the mp3 into a wav file – and it makes it huge! Dubit only uses wav files unfortunately.

Anyway, was trying to synchronize some audio and video this morning, when to my utmost horror I found that for two persons (one in GB5 and other in OB7), the audio was missing. Well, the audio wasn’t actually missing but rather there was a flat line for the participant and my audio was recorded. The beginning and ending of the participant’s audio was recorded it was just the middle. You know, the important bits where students were making the self-explanations! I think perhaps because the internet was so slow and using Skype when I clicked on screen capture with Camtasia, the audio stopped recording (that’s my conclusion at least!). 

Anyway, not sure what I should do now 😦 … I was just wondering if I could get around using just the written data and not the audio data for these two. I’m wondering if it will make a difference or whether I should just collect for two more people (but I don’t want to!!! – I’m fed up of data collection and I’m not certain Amalia would want to do anymore).

Transcribing itself is going pretty slow and that’s get me a bit frustrated especially with the need to write my ICME paper by the 20th April rather than the 1st June as was first advertised – it means I got to get it going pretty quickly!

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