Vygotsky and Self-explanations

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I think this literature review is starting to make some more sense but not entirely sure. I think I’m going to see how well I can link Vygotsky with self-explanations, some guy called Schwarz had done some work in this area so, I’m going to have a read of his papers tonight and then quickly start typing up my literature review tomorrow – because definitely think I would be in the position to complete the right learning theory section. I’ve mostly talked about why the three boxes somewhat in the introduction so don’t think I need to go into that in quite so much detail but may have to give some literature on my thoughts on what is expected from these three boxes and my brain has just become sluggish on that since the literature seems to be dead in my mind right now – although a few months ago – I knew it perfectly – oh well guess I’ll be quoting Renkl etc and perhaps Sweller as well on steps – plus Renkl has done stuff on self-explanations.

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