Data Collection woes continue

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Topic: Data Collection
I’m off to a seminar in about 10 mins … so making a quick entry into this blog – since I have to 🙂 … anyway, bit frustrated last night as I lost one of my data collection – all because the broadband wasn’t working well and Skype decided to freeze my whole computer … so, had to manually turn my computer and in so doing losing all my data …. although just now I discovered the answers the participant placed into the Excel file is save – so in some sense that is great – but lost all the audio and video data and these are essential for the research – so I would just keep that extra data just in case there is something interesting in it. Anyway, last night thought I should ‘celebrate’ a bit – because no true PhD student should go through their research without at least losing one bit of data – and now I’ve done that – hopefully it would not happen again – or if it does – I can just take it as nonchalantly as I can.

I think I might be getting less and less undergrad students to participate as it is coming up to exams time … I just need 12 more … one dozen sounds a lot less than 36 … hopefully it would dwindle … got to call up the contacts here in the UK and see if I can get some students – because Allison said she could get some and probably I could send a link around the PGSS emailing list … anyway – taking it easy right now – since I got to analyse some of the data qualitatively and send of a report on Monday – haven’t even begun to transcribe as yet  … by some miracle it would get done by Monday … guess no cinema this week … well maybe one movie won’t kill me :D. 

Anyhow … having a problem with memory space in that computer – so needing to transfer stuff and share the around. I was trying to get it on the back-up server but it seems as if you are only allocated a certain amount of space (7GB) – my videos are alone about 27 GB … so, got to sort that storage problem out soon. Anyway, off to the seminar by Matthew Riddle who is doing something on methodology – hopefully it is interesting.

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