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So, I bumped into Shannon and Joanna from Geography during lunch today and I was telling them about my research and the problem I was having with the students who are not recognising that some constraints are binding … i.e. for example when the labour hours has finished but lumber feet has increased that students still think they can build chairs because they’re not looking at the whole problem and connecting it but rather just part and then relating it to real life. Joanna then said this reminded her of the machine in the museum which was used to teach capital flows etc. in economics by using pumps and water tubes, and checking to see what happens if they put a pressure (such as increase taxes) what would happen to the capital flow.

This got me thinking that perhaps students might benefit (but obviously not something for me to do in this study but perhaps as a recommendation) – an animation or graph that shows how much resources they have remaining – i think an interactive graph/animation might be interesting – one where the resources are being increased and what happens to production etc. Just a thought 😀

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