Writing a paragraph :)

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Topic: Thesis writing
So, this is turning out to be a lot harder than I anticipated. I think it is because I have no clear structure in my head, so have no idea what to write. But got to keep writing, never know how useful the writing purpose might be. I did write one half-crack paragraph about 100 words as my daily paragraph (its really stupid) – but more words on paper than before.

I’m trying to figure what to write for my new paragraph, so did a whole new section of “Research objectives and aims” and then I drew a blank 🙂 … couldn’t figure where to go from there. I think that heading was too daunting. Not sure how much this plan is actually going to be fruitful, because don’t know if I have enough will-power to continue it, but I think once I have those annoying pop-up reminders it should help.

Anyway, the reason why I’m here posting to this blog, I’m hoping I can do a draft write and then copy it over, since I seem to think better when I’m here (well not think better – but rather don’t have any preconceptions about the writing procedure and write better).

Right, so let’s get to it … (I think I’m still stuck 😀 … just had a fire drill – so juices not running as it should.) Think I’ll just write in the document instead (can sprinkle it with a lot of references and quickly reach 100 words

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