The Hunt for Participants Continues!

Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Another Day In Paradise (Phil Collins)
Topic: Data Collection
Well, again I’ve put up adverts on facebook … this time I’m trying on the marketplace for London, Manchester etc. (pay US$4 to advertise it in a noticeable place – this is just a test – just want to see if it will work) – if that fails got to go back to my flyers I guess.

And E. hasn’t replied me as yet – maybe she isn’t so keen in doing it again … feeling a bit as if this thing is running away with me again. Got to contact R. and see if he can get me some more participants. Got to be on the ball on this – otherwise this might stretch till Dec., and that won’t be good.

On a brighter note, I’ve made a really detailed plan on my thesis outline – so I really can see how the story can be told – just got to flesh it out now :D.

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