Skype works!!!

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Topic: Data Collection
Well, after much worrying and testing (with Macs and PCs), changes in Ports … I’ve finally hit on the problem why I was unable to receive Skype video. As it seems, when I upgraded Skype, it seems that caused me not to receive video … but once I downgraded it work. And just in time as well!!

I have data collection this afternoon with a student from Bristol … but I do so need more undergraduate students from the UK … if anyone is reading out there – HELP ME!! I thought the 10 pound voucher was sufficient incentive but it seems it wasn’t – well at least not for the facebookers for whom I’ve been advertising constantly with … I got to try some other forums.

 I’m going to advertise again sometime next week … hopefully I can get some. I’ve only got 3 proper data collections and I need to get 33 more … I’ve still got one to finish off from E., so that will make it 4. So, need to just talk to her and see what happens. Also, got to see whether Amalia and Ritchie would try and get some more for me. Should be testing the webcam and application sharing with Amalia today in UWI. Because she said she might be able to get some from there for me. So, we’ll see

Updated (Fri, 22nd Feb, 2008): It seems a lot of people are coming to this post as it relates to why their skype video isn’t working. Just to let you know when I downgrading I went almost to the beginning when they first put in skype video, so a version 2.0 worked for me (can’t remember the actual one – will check back and update accordingly – it’s on another computer but suggest You can find older versions of Skype at oldapps. I was using a version newer than the 3.0 when I encountered the problem – I’m not sure what causes the problem!

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