Problems with the firewall

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Topic: Data Collection
So, on Thursday and Friday decided to test out the remote observation outside of the OU’s firewall with Ritchie … that is when large amount of problems occurred!!!

First of all, MSN can’t work on the wireless – i.e. the voice/video conversation and application sharing… Skype could work …  with application sharing. However, although I can send video … I can’t receive any … which makes it really frustrating.

Not the mention the frustration of not getting any students to participate. I’ve decided to see whether I can use some of Amalia’s students. Haven’t asked her as yet though.

I’m still deciding on how to choose students … I mean there should be some criteria in making sure that students can be compared sufficiently across, shouldn’t I?

Well, if things fail … I just might have to take the RAM I have in this computer and install in in my laptop and then use it from home – well it will definitely work from home.

I also ran the trial with Ritch … unfortunately it seems as if the video didn’t record!! I got his voice conversation though – which is good. He was doing some interesting stuff with the glass-box as he did a lot of exploration and it was interested that although he seemed to be getting towards the answer in some cases, he then turn tail and came to a completely different decision … don’t quite know why. Obviously is the understanding and was wondering what the strategies involved in the learning – I mean I’ve got to think about the qualitative data analysis – is there particular strategies that students use when using different software and whether this can be profiled – or is this the nature of the student?

How can you profile the nature of the student? I don’t want to ask them to fill in an ASI … but that might be interesting won’t it? Probably if I can find 10 question ASI. I think there is a 20 question ASI I used. Hmmm … gonna look that up … would that be too much for the student to do? I think I got a 20 question Biggs approach to mathematics questionnaire. Or will that be alright if I’m paying them??


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