Kaleidoscope conference

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Well, went to the Kaleidoscope conference in Cambridge with Gill on Friday. It was quite good, although I think the attendance was less this year. I was mainly in the maths/technology stream – well I didn’t go anywhere else because the rest of the papers didn’t interest me in the slightest.

But the papers were pretty good and interested … and Patricia George was there, and it was good listening to what she has found and done, as I listened to her the first time when I was in Lancaster, and it is good to see how her research has progressed and how her ideas has been firmed up. So, that was encouraging.

There were still a couple of papers on teaching maths to trainee teachers, which I’ve always found a bit boring – not that the papers are boring but the topic doesn’t interest me as much.

I think in all, whilst it wasn’t a terribly important academic conference, I think in terms of meeting people and interacting it has been good. I met Zsolt again and yet again we’ve promised to write something together!!

Also, Gill and I were able to boast about our great postgraduate conditions at the OU :D. Also, how our supervisors support us as

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