Pilot of the main study

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Topic: Data Collection
Well, I’m still waiting on some RAM, so I can pilot the last box … the glass box … but still waiting for IET to get me the RAM and also need more storage on my computer … I lost the whole webcam video when I did the open-box as I didn’t have enough space to render it … oh well, still had the audio recordings and the video of the software … but I’m thinking if I’m doing it on one screen now rather than two, if I have a problem with the rendering … then I’m going to lose that whole set of data … so, hopefully that doesn’t happen! I think that’ll make me go stark-raving mad.

Anyway, I’ve transcribed the relevant quotes (well what I thought I was relevant) for the black-box and open-box studies, but still have to analyse them in NVivo, I’m not certain what tact I’m going to be taking for them. I should have a theoretical framework (or at least some coding framework) but I have no idea … I could start with open-coding and see where that takes me for developing a coding framework. I wanted to code somewhere along the line of cognitive load, self-explanations and perhaps some kind of interaction with technology? I think the important thing to ask myself, is what I’m looking for … and I think one of the basis for my studies has been to see whether these boxes help learn more … so think I’ll be looking at self-explanations, but think I need to define what kind of self-explanations they’re doing.

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