Tidying up

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Topic: Data Collection
Well … this morning I decided to tackle the mountain of papers I had (at least a foot high!) and file them away. And I’ve done it … completely filed away, my desk looks surprisingly clear.

On another note, I’ve gotten my external HDD, my large screen monitor and my USB wireless card. Yesterday, I was having problems as there were conflicting drivers with the wireless card and the webcam – probably should have just restarted and might’ve fixed but decided to undecided to uninstall and install back, the only problem the computer was not recognising the drivers, it is only today when I clearing up that I realised I was using the wrong CD (ver 6 rather than ver 8!). Anyway, did it today and it is working fine.

I tested the recording of the excel file and the webcam at the same time the day before, and that works, the only problem is that Camtasia records it a very poor resolution quality, but I used Bulent Screen Recorder and it is doing it a good quality, only problem I think that takes a lot of memory, I tried using CamStudio but something is just not working with that programme – got to play around with it again. I can’t seem to get it to work. Anyway, I really do need a larger RAM as I was running Camtasia and the application sharing software and the computer was really slow and I hadn’t even started Vemotion – so need that urgently. And also a slave HDD, because my hard-drive is completely filled!

I’ve got to test my last box (the grey-box or glass-box) as yet, but want to test it with all the new equipment I have – but think I need the new RAM otherwise it is going to be really slow. Anyway, some good news is that I’ve gotten permission from 3 groups to post up my request for my students (I’ve only asked three) – so, decided to wait a bit before I go asking the rest – want to make sure things are set up properly. Hopefully, I can get my participants! I need to tweak the instructional materials a bit I think, as the interpretive questions are not highly interpretive as I originally thought they were! Well, at least spotted that problem before the real thing went underway.

Beside James and Doug have suggested that I analyse my two recordings so far, but haven’t started as yet-  was supposed to start this morning – but then went on with the clearing of the desk instead 😀

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