Theoretical Frameworks

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Topic: Analytical Frameworks
Well, yesterday I had supervision which was surprisingly quick (finishing in about 10-15 mins) – guess there wasn’t a lot going on at the moment since I just came back from vacation and spent all of last week writing the CAL paper (which wasn’t so good – but got sent off anyhow!).

Anyway, James said the dreaded phrase yesterday “theoretical frameworks”! He wants me to get one … to return to the literature … to start thinking about how I’m going to write the literature …. updating the literature etc. and not to mention weaving a story of theories to develop this mythical theoretical framework … wonder if I can get some leprechaun to grant me three wishes, one being to get a theoretical framework! (ok – never mind that who wants to waste their wishes on theoretical frameworks!)

Anyway, he suggested I read a paper by Yvonne Rogers, which whilst interesting to some degree I couldn’t for the life of me see how it could help me develop a theoretical framework. I couldn’t even see a theory in there that could help me understand what I’m doing better … perhaps he was alluding to external cognition, perhaps I should look that up some more later, sounds like a nice catch phrase. Probably can dazzle people with that term.

Anyway, we are meeting on the 23rd to discuss my progress on a theoretical framework and I have no idea what they actually expect from me at that point? Am I suppose to submit a paper on some thoughts? Or just a discussion? Being me – who tends to get quite tongue-tied when a discussion starts up and I have to defend my view – I think I’m going to go with giving them a paper (as short as possible!).

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