CAL conference

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Topic: Seminars
Well, I’m back from Dublin after the CAL conference. Dublin was great – the CAL conference was OK. Well, not so great for me because there weren’t a lot of seminars on my area. There were quite a lot on development (which I found myself going to) and on mobile technologies. My presentation went alright – I presented on remote observation – so was still along the theme of the conference. One person from the conference has asked me for a copy of my presentation – so I think that bodes well and have spoken to Ann (from Computing) about it as well … and I think she might just be interested in doing that.

Our poster (the research blogging) was well received – people were interested. At the moment, trying to hurriedly put together a conference abstract for CADGME – but mightn’t get any comments from James since I was supposed to send it this morning and he is oft to a conference this afternoon.

Oh well … got Gill to give it a read … so, even so would have gotten some comments

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