Latin Square Design

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Topic: Methodology
Well, I showed my experimental design to John, and I told him that Doug and James were concerned about sequencing effects and John suggested I used a Latin Square design. He even photocopied a chapter on it for me! However, the one he siad will work, cannot possibly work since it assumes that my tasks within my problems are independent which they’re not! I want the students to do all three problems and all three tasks (i.e. 9 things in all) – the Latin square only allows them to do 3, which is not good at all.

I haven’t broached this with John as yet, but during our discussion he indicated that I would have to check n see if there is any interaction between the tasks and the main groups and if there is, then this will represent a sequencing effect (I think!) and the same when I do the problems. Hoepfully, I understand what that means when I come to analyse it.

In the meantime trying to programme the linear programming software in Excel, and it is proving to be very draining and also, the software I’m developing are not in anyway flexible which I hope won’t be a problem

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