I think I might have figured out my main study

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Topic: Main Study
Well, although the main study is a bit mangled I think I may have figured out what I might be doing – although having a meeting this afternoon with Doug, so, we will see whether I’ve actually figured this out. One of the things that I’m moving away from is not finding conceptual and procedural tasks as such don’t have to worry too much about whether these tasks can measure conceptual and procedural knowledge as it is classically known. Instead, I’m going to look to see how problems I’ve defined using Galbraith and Haines taxonomy being able to bring about conceptual thinking …. all, I need now is perhaps a coding scheme for conceptual and procedural knowledge – but very loosely defined I think! Because I’m not sure whether to narrow it down to conceptual knowledge in maths alone or conceptual knowledge at a wide level, in other words, more of a problem-based solving … well, just some thoughts

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