Maths-Computing analysis

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Topic: Data Analysis
Well … still getting pretty frustrated looking for tasks that can measure conceptual knowledge, as most of them seem to love linking multiple representations particularly graphs!! Well, never mind that and this never-ending literature that seems to love high-school and primary school examples if I see one more example on division and fractions … I swear I’m going to scream.

Anyway, since multiple representations (as in CAS) are linked to conceptual knowledge and this is sometimes called meaningful learning and that is linked to deep approach, I got to thinking why not check and see if the deep approach scores were different for the three types of software (I did do this analysis but had no idea what it really meant at the time) and sure enough, the CAS came up higher for the Deep Approach Score and lower for the Surface Approach Score. I’m guessing perhaps it has to do something with multiple representations – or perhaps no relationship at all!

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