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Topic: Data Analysis
Well, I’ve got to write up my remote observation study but doesn’t look possible to get it done soon. Anyway, I was thinking as I go through and code, I can code them according to theoretical, rational, scholar, experimenter and thinker by Trouche (2000) for each of the students and see if it differs depending on which software they’re using. I think based on my French translation (think I may have missed out some important bits), this is what the 5 things mean:

Theoretical: Uses the references (notes, paper); works towards interpretation for understanding, uses analogies for proof, time spent on the calculator as a whole is medium and time spent for calculating a particular aspect is high.

Rational: Uses pen/paper, uses inferences for understanding, uses demonstrations for proofs, spend limited time overall on the calculator and also spends limited time for each action it does on the calculator

Thinker: Uses the calculator for its information, investigates for trying to understand, accumulates (?) knowledge for understanding, time spent on the calculator as a whole is high, but time spent on the calculator for each action is limited.

Experimenter: Uses all devices for information (notes, pen/paper and calculator), compares of understanding, confronts for trying to do proofs, spends about a medium time in all on the calculator, and uses a high amount of time on the calculator

Scholar: Doesn’t use source of the above devices for information, investigates for understanding, gets stuck or copies when doing a proof, uses the calculator a medium amount of time, high amount of time doing the actions on the calculator

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