Mathematical Task

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Topic: Methodology
(Stupid thing just asked me to load the active x control for the spelling and lost my whole post!)

Anyway, as I had written before … I was saying that I spent most of the morning looking for a mathematical task that I can convert to BB, WB and GB unfortunately most of the tasks are usually for primary and secondary school and I need one for undergraduate students. Besides that I need a task in which I can measure both conceptual and procedural knoweldge and not sure how I’m going to get one like that. I was thinking of reviewing Galbraith and Haines’ problems they used to see if I can get anything from that but if I recalled they used graphs and I don’t want to use graphs since that get too much into the domains of representations.

Anyway, got Hiebert’s book from the library on conceptual and procedural knowledge so hopefully that will give me some

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