Back at the OU/ PME paper/ pilot study analysis

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Topic: Data Analysis
I’m back at the OU trying to get into the swing of things. I still have no clue about my main research study … and I need to firm that up quickly, because think I need to get that started by March.

Whilst I was on holiday I did some analysis of the videos since I was writing a PME paper – not sure how well that went but got it in. I listened to all the audios for the students when they were doing the practice question since I thought perhaps that is where the initial interaction with the software is occurring and the learning. First of all found for two of the participants (J and Cl) who had some mathematics background and had both started with the grey-box both looked to see how the expected values was being calculated. The rest of them didn’t look at grey-box very long.

I think for the people who didn’t know any of the maths, they only started to tried to understand how to calculate the expected value when they were doing the white-box (eg. R, Ch, G, Cl). I’m not too sure if there were much understanding such as conceptual but rather more procedural. I think this might be reflected in most of them not getting the conceptual problems right except Ch. Not sure if that is the configuration of the (BB, GB or WB) or something that is intrinsic to him although R also questioned about understanding expected value and had similar configuration (BB, WB and GB). Think my data is too little to make any good conclusions

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