Video data analysis and eye tracking

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So, went to Jonathan’s demonstration of the video data analysis and eye tracking devices. I thought it was quite useful but he got me really scared when he started talking about trying to synchronizing videos (he told me this prior to the session). I don’t know what I’m going to be doing in that case!

Anyway, I thought the eye-tracking device would be great for me to do about 2 or 3 cases just to see if the same thing is happening in the remote observation study. Jonathan did say when I’m doing the experiment I should probably do a about 30 participants in a counterbalanced design, and for the first 10 I look at just try to understand the data, and for the next 10 see if I’m picking up any patterns and checking to see if there is any typical or atypical behaviour and for the last 10, check and see what if my theories are being supported. He then suggested take one typical and one atypical participant and analysed in depth. He suggested a time-frame of about 2 months should be sufficient for collecting the data. I hope

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