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Topic: Methodology
Jonathan was telling me that what I plan on doing is somewhat similar to what he did, in that he looked at dynamic (equivalent to WB) and static (equivalent to GB?). Anyway, what he was saying that he found that students who just had to looked at things being displayed were quite passive in their learning but when students had to enter the numbers they became more engaged and perhaps had better learning or understanding – or as I understand were able to self-explain better. So, thought that was a useful finding to me – he called this the sequence effect.

He then said that he thought my tasks that I had were nice and simple and should stick to simple tasks and it was better if I made them happen quick so, only had like 30 minutes of working time. He suggested that I do 3 tasks for each box, 1st taking 1 min, 2nd 2mins and 3rd 3mins. So, makes it 18 mins in all … that is if I decided to give each student only one box. However, he did caution me that I should make sure the tasks between the three boxes are the same and suggests that I test the tasks out for reliability probably in a class over at the Milton Keynes College, and I might just have to give the teachers some kind of gift for their help (ethical problems anyone?).

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