Main Study Research Plans

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Topic: Methodology
Well, I sent off a document on my main research plans to James, Doug and John. Got some reply from John asking me whether I want to do an experiment or not – and I must say that I’m no clearer of this objective than I was before.

I have no idea – I’m suppose to look into Latin square design to reduce the number of students – so got to do that soon.

I’m not certain what to do about my observations – some somewhat good news on that front: IET is looking into getting a separate ADSL to support video and audio conversations via MSN messenger and Skype etc – which is great because AACS has too many firewalls to make sure it protects the integrity of the OU system. So, hopefully that happens soon – otherwise might have to try it from home – although home’s Internet connection is not very reliable – it has been dropping quite often lately

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