Remote Observation: When you thought it couldn’t get any worse ….

Mood:  crushed out
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Topic: Thesis writing
Well, new drama with the remote observation study has just entered into my life! I can’t do video, voice and application sharing behind OU’s firewall to anyone outside of it! On the upside I can use people in the OU with no problems! The only way I can use it, is by telling the IT people the time, the date and the software I’ll be using and then I would (probably) be able to get the ports open – and I have to give 2 days advance notice!

Another thing, is when I use Bulent Screen Recording, the computer gets so slow that the webcam starts to chops … so will have to see if I can find some other way. And before when I thought it was recording both the microphone and speakers … it wasn’t true … I was hearing the echo from Gill’s computers that made me thought so, so, it only records one thing – so, now got to go find some software to do that … Dave P. recommended I go trawling to find some software that does it and then try the shareware versions and if I like them request buying them.

So, long and painful ….

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