Remote observation study continues :)

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Topic: Methodology
So, still haven’t got a computer to do my recording stuff 😦 … but hoping once Andreas leaves I can use his computer (he isn’t aware of my devious plans as yet – but he leaves on Friday – so not sure how well that goes … I’m still waiting to see what IT can do for me.

Anyway, yesterday I loaded up the webcam software etc. on Andreas computer and I checked it this morning when I came in and it seems as if what I want to try will work, because I recorded the stuff on Andreas computer and it seemed to work fine when I connected as two persons, one on windows messenger and msn messenger … the only problem is because I didn’t have application sharing accessible to me as a non-administrator – I wasn’t able to do it (unfortunately!) also, couldn’t do the Bulent screen recording on his computer (because I’m not able to record to his C:program files drive! – but was able to do it on mine (only realised I could have done that after 30 mins of trying to get it to work on his computer :S) … was suppose to set up netmeeting yesterday but couldn’t remember where it was located … ok found it under the internet … located under netmeeting in programme files and then run conf.exe (for some reason couldn’t find that yesterday!).

Oh well, got to ask Andreas if he minds me using his computer and loading up software etc 🙂 … hope he doesn’t – but once he leaves he doesn’t have to use it … right?

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