Preparation plan for the main study (yikes!)

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Topic: Methodology
I’m a bit miffed … I just made this post but for some reason it got lost!!!!!

Never mind was just saying I have no clue what to do for my main study although I need to send in a plan by the end of this week. I was thinking that if I can get this remote observation pilot done in the next 2 weeks, then I can start looking to pilot the remote observation studies for Nov-Dec – not sure how that will work since I need some participants – so need to start advertising for people in the next two weeks perhaps but also need to develop the questions and decide what I’m going to look for in the software. I can start the advertising in maths forum and on my website (which I sort of have people being redirected to :D).

I really want to start the main study next year Jan-Feb, so fingers crossed at this point.

My initial plan for the main study in terms of participants is that for each software (CAS, LP and spreadsheets), and each discipline (SA, HA and HP) that I would have students using it as a BB and WB(so hoping this plan can still work!): For each category is 15 students, so therefore, a total of 90 students per software and 270 for all

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