Meeting with Peter Galbraith

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After Peter contacted me through this blog (I knew this blog was good for something!) – I arranged to meet him in London on Friday. It was great meeting with him and chatting with him.  

He suggested a few papers that I could read including one by Ramsden on technology use by chemistry students (have it written down on my notepad but left my notes at home), also a literature paper by Michelle Artigue which summarizes their work in Paris on CAS and mathematics.

He also suggested looking at Diana Mackie’s (??) work – there should be paper in the last ICTM. He indicated that I should contact Diana and also Chris Haines about a group on tertiary maths education that exists in the UK – so, I have to do that.

He also clarified how, he and Chris Haines created the mechanical, constructive and interpretive problems – which I thought was useful. I told him about the current work I’m doing using the maths-computing inventory and told him I would keep him and Pat informed.

It was a really good meeting all the way around. Enjoyed meeting and talking to him immensely.

Updated: Wednesday, 13 September 2006 11:16 AM BST

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